Welcome to the Rapid-PCB.com

Note that Carbide 3D has recently acquired Rapid-PCB so it's going to be in a state of transition for a little while as we make updates to the application.


In external tool (e.g. Eagle og KiCad)

  1. Create your board in Eagle or other tool
  2. Export signals (bottom, pads, vias) as a Gerber RS247X file. In Eagle this is "File -> CAM Processor"
  3. Export holes (drills, holes) as a Excellon file.

On Rapid-PCB.com

  1. Set the size of your copper material
  2. Check the checkbox to mill a flat surface
  3. Import the signal file into Rapid-PCB.com
  4. Import the drill file into Rapid-PCB.com
  5. Check the checkbox to generate an outline cut. Set the offsets and size of the cut to match what you want.
  6. Check the checkbox to generate hatches.
  7. Verify in the preview that the output will be ok.
  8. Click "Generate G-code
  9. Download the zip-file and extract the individual G-codes

In the CNC control software (e.g. Mach3 or LinuxCNC)

  1. Mill the flat area
  2. Tip: Turn down the accelleration if the movements are jerky
  3. Tape the copper board into the flat area where the origin corner is with a double-sided tape.
  4. Mill the contours. If too high (no visible marks) go down 0.2 mm. If mark but not all the way through, go down 0.1mm
  5. Mill hatches.
  6. Drill holes
  7. Mill the cuts
Done, success!